Welcome to Vision Fitness 24! We are proud to be a “results driven” gym. We offer personal training, nutritional counseling, weight management and more. Our members are people, not numbers. Our nationally certified personal trainers and staff will work with you to achieve your own individual goals in a realistic time frame. We want you to change how you think about health and fitness. We change lives not just sizes.

Our equipment is state of the art and features all of the latest innovations. We are fortunate to have the only Life Fitness Synergy 360 in the area, along with free weights, cardio equipment and Life Fitness machines. Our facility allows 24 hour access to our members, with camera surveillance and a key fob access system. You can feel secure whether you are working out at 9:00 am or 11:00 pm.



We succeed if you succeed. Working together you will reach your health and fitness goals!

What our clients say

The place where everyone knows your name! Since day one in April of 2015 I have been family! What a great environment to get my health on! Excellent friendly staff and members!

Sharon Lowe

I have been going to this gym since January. The first time my sister and I walked in, we knew this was the one! I have never belonged to a gym before because they were to commercial and I thought you had to be “in shape” to belong. (At least that’s the vibes I got). Well I am 59 years old and just wanted to feel good again and be able to have fun as I grow older! No rocker sitting for me!! Since I have been going here, I feel great, losing weight and inches and have made many new friends. One thing I am most impressed with is the cleanliness of the gym. Never dirty!!! The trainers are knowledgeable and very encouraging about all aspects of your health and well being! I feel very secure at night or anytime by myself. Did I mention it’s also FUN!!! I’M hooked on working out!!!! Thanks everyone at VISION FITNESS!!!! So happy I joined!!!

Angie Griggs


At Vision Fitness 24 you do not just become part of a gym….you don’t just get support in making your gainz or meet new amazing people……you become part of the Vision Family. Priceless!!!!

Angel Newburry


I went to Vision on the recommendation of a friend but Id stayed because I love it. Gyms can be intimidating at first but not at Vision. The staff is so welcoming and really care about making you feel comfortable. Great trainers are available and people you dont even know are encouraging you. Highly recommend!

Kathy Whitby

Personal Training Client